Blubel is a smart bicycle bell that knows its way around your city…

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Blubel lives on the handlebars – a quick glance will tell you where you're heading and the next turn

the way

Maps and apps are difficult to use when cycling. Blubel guides you with simple on-the-go directions, so your phone stays safely in your pocket


Blubel constantly evolves, learning from your legwork and other cyclists in the Blubel community

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Blubel takes care of the journey. So you can just enjoy the ride

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First enter your destination on the Blubel app, then press 'Go'. The Blubel bicycle bell automatically connects to your smartphone

The Blubel app gives directions to your Blubel bicycle bell, so that it can guide you on your journey

Should you make a wrong turn, Blubel will react and find a new route to your chosen destination

Once you have arrived press 'PARK' on the app. Blubel will remember precisely where you left your bicycle.

You can slip the navigation device out of the fitting on the handlebars, leaving behind a normal, functioning bicycle bell. Magic.

Blubel's battery life stretches for days.