New Year, New Features

New Year, New Features

We are very happy to start off the new year with exciting announcements for new navigation features and firmware updates. Read on and make sure to update your app!

Navigation gestures

The most exciting improvement we’ve made has been with the navigation countdown. With the new update, the turn lights start off with an amber/yellow color and when you are closer to the turn it goes green. Now it’s a lot easier to see that there is a turn coming up and it makes the display clearer if there’s a turn following straight afterward.

Our much-loved early testers were really happy with this new feature and we think you will be too! With this, you are even more prepared to anticipate turns and make your next move. Here's a snippet of how it works.


What else is new?

A message from our Cycling Technology Officer:

“Hey guys, thanks for all the feedback you’ve been sending, your support means a lot! Getting straight into it I want to let you know about firmware improvements we’ve been working on these past few months:

  • The battery life lasts 3 weeks of regular use
  • More stable Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity
  • Louder audio alerts
  • Improved places search, including names as well as addresses
  • Journey download for offline navigation, so you don’t use up data on the go.

Hope you enjoy and keep letting us know what you think!”

    Alessio, Blubel’s CTO 

    What do you think?

    We’ve got a lot of great plans for Blubel and we want to make sure we add features that you want, which is why we want to hear from you. Get in touch with your suggestion, and we’ll announce the most popular idea in the next few weeks!