Light up your ride

Light up your ride

Looking to add some sparkle and shine to your bike, while riding responsibly? Look no further. Here are 5 glowing bike accessories to light up your ride and keep you safe while doing it.

1. Valve lights

If you want a super affordable way to jazz up your bike, then valve lights are a cool way to do it. These little LED lights come in a variety of colours like white and red for front and rear) replace the valve dust caps on your wheels, illuminating your tyres as you ride.

Valve lights for the bike wheel

2. Reflective spokes

These reflective strips that you attach to your spokes will make you more visible when out for your evening rides. As well as making you safer, they’ll look pretty cool too.

Reflexive bicycle spokes

3. Turn Signal Gloves

These innovative cycling gloves by Zackees (@Zackees) allow you to activate turn signals by pressing your thumb and index finger together. This invention makes turning much safer on the roads.

Cycling gloves to signal turns

4. Bike balls

Go nuts with these hilariously obnoxious additions to your bike. Bike balls (@Bike_Balls) is a rear light that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd, it has both static and flashing functions (as if they weren’t attention-grabbing enough!).

Bike lights

5. Reflective gear

Ok, so this isn't technically a bike accessory, but a reflective jacket will certainly make you glow in the dark! There are a few about, but Proviz does some really fantastic ones.

Proviz reflective cycling jacket

And finally... Blubel will light up your way!

Blubel bike bell in ruby