Our Year End Recap

Our Year End Recap

Highlight of the year: getting our first Blubels shipped to our backers!

What a year it's been for Blubel!

We started 2017 going back and forth between our manufacturers, designers, and engineers, stress testing and assessing every production sample to get it perfect. Once we were happy with the quality, we pressed the GO! button on the manufacture, getting everything ready to ship to our patient backers.

Blubel bicycle bells being assembled

You're never far from a bump in the road

Alas, all was not as easy as it seemed, and as with all production processes, you're never far from a bump on the road. We got our shipment of many many Blubels and realised that one of the parts wasn't done to our specification. Thankfully, our great manufacturing team was quick to fix the issue and send us the revised batch. Problem solved!

Dance with Blubel!

In the meantime, we had a wonderful Blubel Beta team of testers, trialing our app and device, rigorously logging any glitches, thinking hard about possible improvements.

Dear Blubel Beta - we learnt so much from you and thank you for all your hard work, making Blubel even better!

We were so thrilled when everything was ready to ship to our Kickstarter backers and many others who pre-ordered the device. There was still a lot of work ahead - we continued to make final tweaks to the Apps to get them ready for launch for iOS and Android phones.

Our vision:

Getting more butts on bikes!

Another exciting part of this year has been being a part of Transport for London’s Nitrous Programme. Working with their data team, we learned a lot about how data can help our cycling community and we can’t wait to share our ideas with you next year.

We also completed the European Space Agency Business Incubation Programme at the European Space Agency. It's been a fantastic experience to take part: we have received so much support, in terms of engineering and development, business and mentorship. We feel very lucky to be an alumnus of such an awesome programme. We also won the European Space Agency Special Prize at the European Satellite Navigation Competition (some say it's like the Oscars of the navigation world!)

Here we are with the satellite trophy and a giant cheque!

European Space Agency

We also received support from the Department for Transport as part of their Innovation Challenge, which we won earlier this year. It has been a fantastic and eye-opening opportunity working with them. Their goal is to double the number of people cycling by 2025 which is exactly part of our vision - getting more butts on bikes!

We are continually looking to make improvements to the app, and have really appreciated getting useful and encouraging feedback from the community - thank you and keep it coming!

What we’re looking forward to in 2018...

Growing and learning from our Blubel community
Working with our partners, like Department for Transport
New app features! Stay tuned for more info

Brass bicycle bells