Cycling In The Rain

Cycling In The Rain

Winter is upon us, and if you’re thinking about storing away your bike and helmet through cold and rainy times…don’t! Unless there’s a foot of snow on the ground, we at Blubel don’t think bad weather means you have to stop cycling. Here’s a few tips to help you ride in the rain, and enjoy it!

1. Dress the part

There’s nothing worse than riding with your clothes soaked through. We recommend you invest in a fully waterproof jacket as well as overshoes and gloves. These will keep them dry and block you from the chill from the wind as well! When shopping for a waterproof jacket, look our for ventilation in the fabric; when it stops raining, you’re going to want some air flow between you and the fabric. You don’t have to splash out (pun intended) - these People’s Ponchos are pretty awesome!

People's Poncho

The People's Poncho

2. Keep your guard up

Stay clean and protected by getting a mudguard for your back wheel. That way you can reach your destination without those muddy splash marks up your back. You can get roll up ones which don’t get in the way too much when they’re not being used. A team favorite is Ass Savers.


Ass Savers

3. Take it Slow

Roads can be slippery when it rains, making them more difficult to speed down on. Be extra careful and slow down on tight bends where it’s easy to skid off. Check your brake pads are in good condition, they may need to be replaced or a simple cleaning.


5. Keep your phone dry

Don’t forget to keep your phone away from that rain! Blubel can help: Just type in where you want to go in the app and pop your phone back safely in a pocket. Blubel is rainproof, so let the lights guide you!

Blubel in the rain 

6. Have fun!

Just because the sun isn’t out and the weather isn’t warm doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your rides! Just think about how invigorated you’ll feel after a rainy cycle compared to a warm (sweaty!) ride in the summer. Reward yourself with a bubble bath and hot cuppa. Get cosy!

Have fun in the rain