Why students should cycle

Why students should cycle

If you're a student or you’re about to become one, you might be thinking about what is the best way to get around every day... Whether you're living in a student house or commuting from home, here are a few reasons why we think you should consider using a bike as transport.

1. Save those £££

We all know that being a student goes hand-in-hand with having a budget. But being smart about spending and saving money on transport for example means you can have more money to spend on other things like going to the restaurant or pub with your friends!
By cycling to and from, you’ll save so much money on public transport fares or petrol, especially if you live in a big city like London. Did you know that workers in London spend an average of £305 a month on travelling around?
The only thing you have to pay for is the bike itself (you can get a second hand one for a bargain) and safety gear, like a helmet, lights and a bike lock- it will quickly pay for itself.

Retro bike

2. Burn off the pizza

It’s no common misconception that when students first get to uni, it's easy to put on a few pounds. I mean who can blame them, with all the offers on takeaway pizza! oing to the gym isn’t everyone's cup of tea, but by cycling into uni you're killing two birds with one stone: sneaking in some exercise for the day while getting to where you need to go – it’s a win-win.
Another upside to cycling is that you can take it at your own pace, if you’re not feeling particularly energetic one day, you can take a more leisurely ride.

Intense bike run

3. Have more time to yourself

Another reason students might want to consider getting a bike is because by cycling instead of getting on the bus or train you're able to have some time to yourself. You can escape from the often loud and crowded confines of public transportation. Feel the wind blowing in your hair as you whiz past the morning traffic without having to listen to a crying baby or sit next to someone who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space.

Me time on my bike

4. Save time travelling

Students are known to prioritise sleeping over most other things, especially 9 am lectures (or 10 am lectures for that matter). We’ve all been there! In rush hour especially, cycling into uni rather than getting the bus or walking can you’ll get there faster,meaning you can have a few extra alarm snoozes in the mornings –and who doesn’t want that?

Having a cat nap

5. Make it your own

Other than the cost, health and timesaving benefits of cycling, you can also be the envy of all of your friends (and Instagram followers) by personalising your bike. Whether it’s a second hand, rough diamond, or a beautiful brand new model, you can add your own spin on your bike to stand out from the crowd. Plus you can get some great pictures of you and your new ride to post online for that ‘boho, free-spirit, trend-setter’ aesthetic. Have fun with it!

Enjoy yourself