Community Story: Nelly talks about cycling in London

Community Story: Nelly talks about cycling in London

Blubel sat down for a quick chat with Nelly who has been using Blubel for the past couple of months. Here’s what she said about her experience.

“Cycling in London was definitely a learning curve. I think awareness and confidence are key”

Nelly moved to London almost a year ago from San Francisco and had to get used to cycling in the big city with its traffic and challenges. “I think the main challenges when I started cycling in London were cycling on the other side of the road and understanding the interaction of cars and buses. You get used to it, though”. Her main piece of advice for cyclists in London is to “act as if no-one sees you, pedestrians and cars alike. Then you become more vigilant”.

“Commuting goes by faster when I’m cycling; and I don’t have to deal with traffic or overcrowded trains”

It didn’t take long for Nelly to decide to cycle to work: “If you’re not from London, I think public transportation can seem a little bit crazy and intimidating. It’s expensive, there’s plenty of delays and rush hour is a nightmare”. Her cycle to work from South London to Soho is often quicker than taking public transportation:

“My cycle to work is around 40 minutes each way, but that goes quite quickly when I’m on the bike. I didn’t have to take the tube many times to decide that I was going to cycle everywhere instead”.

“I don’t have the best sense of direction so I needed to find a device to help me with getting around”

Nelly came across Blubel online when she was looking for a device to mount on her bike to help guide her around. “I chose Blubel because I really liked the minimalist and sleek retro design. I needed something that had a long lasting battery and liked that the price was reasonable”. Nelly is really passionate about cycling as a mode of transport:

“It’s simple, cycling is better for the environment and it makes you live longer. It’s a no-brainer!”