"The rosy memories of cycling as a child never felt more distant than on my first cycle ride in the noise and bustle of a big city. But my confidence grew once I started cycling with friends. They showed me quieter back streets and warned me when we were approaching busy junctions. I saw the city in a new perspective and I was hooked. No longer waiting for packed buses or rush hour tubes; I felt instantly healthier, happier, and more alive commuting to work." Sasha Afanasieva, Blubel's CEO

This is how Blubel was born. We wanted to share this sense of empowerment. Blubel harnesses the knowledge of the cycling community, guiding you where you want to go. The bicycle bell connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, hence Blubel – Bluetooth bell. This lets the bicycle bell take care of the journey, so you can just enjoy the ride.

Our Mission

Getting more butts on bikes by making cycling safer and more enjoyable all over the world

Why? Because Bicycles:

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Read about our journey from the very first prototype here.