Frequently Asked Questions


Is the mount too big on my handlebars?

You can use one of the inserts in the Blubel kit. Just wedge the corner of the insert in the clamp so you have extra padding around smaller handlebars. It should be stable and fairly tight.

I can’t calibrate the device. What am I doing wrong?

Ensure that you’re not calibrating the device right next to your phone or where there may be some magnetic interference. Place the device in the mount on the handlebars. Turn the handlebars left and right like you would turn your handlebars during a ride, as indicated by the lights on the device. 

Should I calibrate every time I use Blubel?

You only need to calibrate your Blubel once. If you change position or angle of the mount on the handlebars or set it up on a new bike, please make sure you calibrate it again: go to Settings > Calibration.

Why can’t my app find and connect to the device?

Firstly please make sure that the app has the Bluetooth connection enabled. Secondly, your device battery could have run out, so charge it fully, until the red light dims and try to connect to it again. If it's paired and charged but not responding, you can reset the firmware by going to Settings > Manage Device > Reset.

I press play, but the journey doesn’t start?

It sounds like the app can’t connect to the device. Please make sure the Bluetooth is switched on on your smartphone and the device is fully charged.

How can I unpair the device?

You can make sure the app is no longer synced with your device by unpairing. Just go to Settings > Manage Device and press Unpair. Once you have done that, you can add another device, by selecting Add Device.

Can I give my device to someone else?

You can, but you have to make sure you unpair it first, as the device will be registered with your details. That way we can find out where it is if it is lost or stolen.

Please get in touch on if you have any suggestions or feedback. Learning from our community is really key for us and helps us make Blubel even better!