Why Cycle with Blubel Satnav for Your Bike

Cycling should be about enjoying the ride and your surroundings, not worrying about getting lost or trying to figure out where you are on a map. Blubel satnav in a bike bell will show you the way.

Cycling navigation made easy

Tricky Maps & Cycling Computers

Maps on your phone are not designed to be read while cycling. Uploading routes to a cycling GPS computer is a hassle. Blubel's simple intuitive navigation that shows you each turn and makes your ride easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Cycling navigation made easy

Phones Not Made for Riding

Putting your smartphone on your handlebars is risky: it can get stolen or dropped. It’s a faff to mount the phone each time and riding with earphones is distracting and unsafe. Phone screens are hard to see in the sunshine and likely to get ruined in rain.

Cycling navigation made easy

Less Screen Time

We already spend a third of our day looking at screens. Take a break on your bike with Blubel as your guide.

Cycling navigation made easy

Never lose your way Easy Bike GPS

Blubel shows turn-by-turn navigation and final destination like a compass using the lights and audio signals.

  • Easy to carry Portable + easy to clip in/out
  • Works anywhere in the world Works anywhere in the world
  • No glare interface No glare interface
  • Audio signals Audio signals
  • Rechargeable device 3 weeks battery on a single charge
  • Weather proof Weather + shock proof

Watch how in 60 seconds

  • Clip in device Clip in device
  • Add the address into the Blubel app Open the app
  • Follow Blubel instructions Follow Blubel

'Joy to ride...This has made cycling so much easier and safer, I don't know how I ever did without it.'

- Danielle

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